Brazilian online game gets Paris Hilton virtual goods

Shane McGlaun - Jan 14, 2011, 6:34 am CST
Brazilian online game gets Paris Hilton virtual goods

Apparently, Paris Hilton is really popular in Brazil, which is odd to me. The famously stupid heiress is mostly known in the US for being dumb, rich, going commando in short dresses, and making “special” videos. Hilton has a new line of virtual goods in the Brazilian game called Segredos do Mar.

The game is a virtual aquarium title that is owned by the largest social gaming firm in Brazil called Mentez and has 5 million players. The game is offered via the Google Orkut social networking site. Among the items is a mermaid that looks like her.

My favorite is the little dog with the goggles on. Hilton also has a line of virtual clothing in the Brazilian game Vida nas Passarelas translating to panties optional. Ok, I made that last part up, Vida nas Passarelas actually means Fashion Life. I see a good tie in for Farmville Zynga is missing, the Paris Hilton virtual hoe.

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