Brazilian clothing retailer shows Facebook likes on hangers

I think we all know what a Facebook like is today. If somehow you've managed to not use the largest social network out there, a like is when you press a button on Facebook post or pic to show people that you liked the post. That's basic enough to understand. A Brazilian clothing retailer called C&A is using Facebook likes in an interesting way to sell clothing.

The company puts certain items of clothing on their Facebook page and allows users to click the like button. As people like the clothing online, special hangers that the clothing is hanging on in the retail store is updated to show how many people like that particular item. I guess this is an interesting way for people who really care what others think to purchase clothing.

I personally don't see any value in a system like this, but it's interesting nonetheless. This is the first time I've seen the sort system used to sell clothing in the real world. What do you think? Would this make buying decisions easier for you?

[via The Verge]