Braven BRV-X HD wireless outdoor speaker has noise cancelling, is water resistant

In addition to the circular Mira Bluetooth speaker introduced this week at CES, the company has also taken the wraps off its new BRV-X, a wireless offering it is calling "the first true outdoor speaker." Aimed solidly at outdoor enthusiasts — but perhaps applicable to all sorts of outdoorsy individuals — the BRV-X offers HD audio amidst a rugged case and design intended for outdoor usage in open-air locations.The Braven BRV-X has an elongated rectangular design with futuristic-shaped bumpers along the sides and screwed-in-place speaker grills. There are two colors available, one gray with a red accent and the other a gun metal sort of black with a blue accent. As with the Mira, the BRV-X is water resistant, offering an IPX5 rating — this means it can handle being in the wet outdoors, but don't plan on tossing it into the pool.The Braven BRV-X is a stereo offering, and features an omnidirectional passive bass radiator, as well as settings that allow it to be customized to indoor and outdoor environments, which have different audio needs. The speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity, hence its wireless nature, and can be used to charge USB devices via a built-in power bank. There's NFC for pairing, as well, and TrueWireless technology, allowing it to be paired with a second BRV-X speaker unit.Said Braven's CES Andy Fathollahi: "The BRV-X's proprietary settings rearrange the frequency of the audio to achieve the best sound in both indoor and outdoor environments. Different from any other self-proclaimed outdoor speaker in the market, the BRV-X is fine-tuned to its surroundings, guaranteeing crisp, clear and loud audio in any location."