Braven 710 portable HD stereo speaker is water resistant

Audio company Braven has announced the availability of a new wireless HD stereo speaker designed for portable use on the go. The speaker is called the Braven 710 and it is designed to be portable and water resistant with Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker is enclosed in an aircraft grade aluminum housing promising audiophile grade sound.

The 710 has HD audio drivers and TrueWireless Technology along with NFC. The TrueWireless Technology allows owners to connect the second 710 to create right and left stereo sound. The integrated NFC technology makes it easy to pair NFC equipped smartphones by touching them to be speaker.

The 710 also has integrated noise-canceling speakerphone and is able to charge USB devices using its integrated battery. The speaker is IPX5 water resistant to protect the speaker from splashes or spills. The manufacturer says that the 710 is good for over 12 hours of continuous wireless playback per charge.

The wireless operating range for the speaker is 33 feet. The 710 can also be used with devices that don't have Bluetooth connectivity using a standard 3.5 mm line in and auxiliary port. Braven offers the 710 in silver, graphite, and blue colors for $169.99. The speaker is available for purchase now.

SOURCE: Braven