Brando offers Wii Magic Stick for gamers

I may be old school when it comes to gaming, but for some game types on the Wii I don't want the Wii remote, what I want it a joystick or a game pad. Sure, I could go out and buy one of the Wii classic style controllers, but I am cheap. Brando has a cool new Wii remote accessory called the Wii Magic Stick that looks like just the ticket for gamers that feel the same way I do.

The Wii Magic Stick is a plastic overlay that snaps on top of your stock Wii remote and adds a small joystick along the lines of the PS3 and Xbox 360 analog stick over the D-pad. The cover also puts a taller nub over the "A" button on top of the remote.

The same raised nubs are added to the lower buttons on the remote as well. The backside of the Wii remote is left uncovered for access to the trigger. Brando sells the covers in a pair for only $7. That is much cheaper than buying the classic style Nintendo controllers.