Brando offers USB powered itch annihilator

Brando is an epic purveyor of all sorts of things weird and WTF. The company has things that let you zoom in on every little imperfection on your face, or look inside your ears with huge magnification. They also have a full line of USB gear for keeping warm.

The latest item from Brando definitely falls into the WTF category. It's called the USB Itching Removal Instrument. Let that sink in for a minute. Brando says the device uses optical and electronic spectrum technology and has no chemicals to kill bacteria.

You are supposed to use the device after you get an insect bite to reduce the itching. The device can be powered by four AAA batteries or USB. Exactly how this thing works isn't specified, and for good reason. That good reason is called the placebo effect. You can add this to your new age first aid kit for $15. I suspect itch relief for $15 would be more effective if you rolled those bills up and used them as a scratch stick.