Brando LCD Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet for discrete Caller ID

Brando seem to think they've hit on the identity bracelet for the 21st century, in the shape of this LCD Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet, which hooks up to your cellphone via the Headset or Hands-Free profiles and flags up any incoming calls on its bright blue screen and a buzz to your wrist.  You can then choose to answer or reject them with the bracelet's single button.

There are a couple of problems, though.  Firstly, Brando aren't entirely clear about what details the bracelet will display, and it sounds as though you'll only get the Caller ID number rather than any associated name in your phonebook.  Personally I have a hard time remembering my own phone number, never mind other peoples'.  Secondly, since the bracelet lacks a microphone or speaker, once you've answered the call you'll need to pull out your phone anyway.

It doesn't appear to tell the time, either, and the one really useful feature I can think of – showing incoming SMS messages – isn't supported.  Still, there's bound to be at least a small number of people for whom this ticks a box or two, and they'll find the Brando LCD Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet on sale now, priced at $49.90.

[via jkOnTheRun]