Brando Credit Card MP3 Player

I am sure by now you have probably seen a credit card shaped and sized MP3 player before. Only, chances are good, the one you saw cost a considerable amount more than this one.

Apparently there was another company with such an offering earlier this year and they were retailing a 2GB version for $150, now either they pushed their unsellable product off on Brando like they were the digital version of Goodwill, or Brando just stole their design and made it cheap. Regardless, Brando is offering up their 2GB credit card MP3 player for $42.

At that price its worth it for larger companies to look into it for branding purposes to give away to potential clients, or at other galas or various other events. Even better yet, is the fact that if the price on these things keeps going down we could be receiving them as swag at the next trade show.

Card-sized MP3 Player for cheapskates [via Crave]