BrakePack gives bicyclists taillights and turn signals

One of the challenges for people that ride bicycles frequently is being sure that drivers in cars around them are able to see them and understand what they are doing when it comes to stopping and turning. A new backpack not only carries all the items you need for a day at work or a day exploring the city, it also puts stoplights and turn signals on your back as well.

The BrakePack connects via Bluetooth LE to a smartphone app running on your smartphone. With the smartphone connectivity the bike rider doesn't have to remove hands from the handlebars to signal where they are turning, the signaling happens automatically.

The BrakePack has RGB LEDs built in that are easy to see in the day or at night. The way the BrakePack knows when to signal without the rider having to do anything is by having the rider put their destination into the app. Since the app knows where you are supposed to turn it automatically signals.

If you go off your planned course, the automated signaling won't work. At that point signaling is done by tapping the shoulder strap on the side you want to turn towards. The lights and battery pack that power them inside the bag are removable and the battery charges via a wall mounted wireless charger. Availability and pricing are unannounced at this time.

SOURCE: Artefactgroup