BrainGate robotic arm is a huge scientific advancement

Have you ever wished that you could move things with the power of your mind? Yeah, that isn't just a thing for science fiction writers anymore. An emerging technology company called BrainGate has revealed a robotic arm that can actually be controlled by brain waves. It requires the use of a sensor that contains 96 electrodes. The sensor is implanted into the motor cortex of the brain.

So, if you're thinking this is another way for humans to become even lazier than they already are, don't fret. This product won't see that kind of commercial application for a long time. Right now, its goal is to help patients with paralysis. Case in point – a video that demonstrates the technology shows a 58-year-old woman who has been physically paralyzed for 15 years. She has no control of her arms or legs.

And yet, with BrainGate's robotic arm, she was able to grasp a thermos, raise it to her mouth, and drink. That's the level of precision that the incredible contraption offers. According to BrainGate, this marked the first time in 15 years that the woman was able to have a sip of coffee without the help of another person. The implications are of course potentially vast. These are the kinds of stories we like to see.

[via Reuters]