Bragi nanoAI brings headphone company closer to true goals

AI and machine learning is everywhere but, as far as end users are concerned, majority of them are in phones or smart speakers. Some, like Sony, have tried to put AI assistants in earbuds. Bragi, most popular for its intelligent DASH wireless earbuds, are going beyond that. It has announced its new nanoAI, but more than just creating yet another smart assistant or even smart earbuds, Bragi is building a platform for other businesses to build theirs around Bragi's audio technologies instead.

In short, nanoAI isn't something end users can immediately use. It is more an AI plus a set of technologies, including Bragi's own operating system and cloud service, that can be used to develop smart technologies.

Of course, Bragi isn't an AI company so part of it nanoAI is practically connected to its audio expertise. While most AI products focus on computer vision or object recognition, Bragi's putting its efforts in audio and voice recognition. And while things like automatic language translation might come up immediately in that context, Bragi isn't limiting itself to the common applications. It's looking at medical, safety, and even automotive industries for potential uses of its AI.

This isn't Bragi's first attempt at going beyond your conventional wireless headphones. Last year, it struck a partnership with hearing aid giant Starkey for producing custom-made Dash Pro earbuds. Starkey itself is looking into applying AI and machine learning into its hearing aids to turn them into medical devices rather than just audio accessories.

Bragi hasn't mentioned any plans on applying nanoAI on its own products, or whether it even plans on following up the popular DASH earbuds. In a sense, the company has always been more interested in creating an AI platform and the earbuds are just the vehicle to get it there.