Boxing title to take advantage of Wii Fit Balance Board

We've known that there were over 10 titles in the works that take advantage of the Wii Fit Balance Board, but we really haven't heard much information on these titles. Sure, we've been hearing about Wii Fit for a while, but with the launch coming up next month, we're getting interested in hearing what sort of games we can expect. As it turns out, the board would be perfect to use in a boxing game.

It has been announced that Don Kin Presents: Prizefighter will be released this September for the Wii, where it will take advantage of the Balance Board. Definitely not a game that I would have expected to utilize this peripheral.

You won't actually be using the board when boxing, but rather during a series of training excercizes which will include jump roping an push ups. I'm sure that by the time you're done, you'll feel just like Rocky.

[via VideoGamer]