Boxing gloves for the Wii - You're better off without them

Up for a little Wii Boxing anyone? If you really want to get into the action you can get a pair of boxing gloves that house your Wiimote and Nunchuck.

At first it sound like it might be kind of cool. But then again, it's just a pair of boxing gloves with a sleeve for your controllers. They doesn't bother to take into account the fact that you need to use buttons between matches. So you'll be taking out the Wiimote between every match, that's not inconvenient.

If you absolutely must own every accessory for the Wii, then this one will set you back $12.95. I suppose you wouldn't have to worry much about the controller slipping out of your hand and into the TV.

Wii Boxing Glove Accessories Presumably For Use With WiiSports Boxing [via ohgizmo]