Boxee TV becomes Boxee Cloud DVR

Back in October of 2012, Boxee unveiled its Boxee TV set-top box. When it originally launched the big feature was the ability to watch live TV in high definition from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and other networks and cloud-based DVR functionality. The box was designed to work with unencrypted basic cable connections and featured dual tuners allowing you to watch one show on according the other.

The set-top box also supported number of apps including Netflix and several others. The coolest part about the device was the unlimited storage space for DVR recordings. Rather than using an internal hard drive, the Boxee TV stored your recorded TV shows on the cloud using a service that cost $14.99 per month. Boxee has now changed the name of the set-top box calling it the Boxee Cloud DVR.

Other than the name change, the set-top box is the same $100 device combining live TV with cloud DVR functionality. All those apps, including Netflix, are still available. One nice introduction along with the name change comes a free tier for the cloud-based DVR service and the previously $14.99 per month unlimited service is now $9.99 per month.

There are caveats with the free basic service. One of those caveats is that your recordings expire in 90 days. The worst of the limitations for the basic service is that you're limited to only five hours of DVR playback per month and you can only watch on your TV. The $9.99 monthly service offers recordings that never expire, unlimited DVR playback, and the ability to watch your content on the TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

[via Gigaom]