Boxee comments on new Apple TV

Yesterday Apple unveiled the new Apple TV that doesn't suck nearly as much as the original. The new device is much more of a direct competitor to the Boxee Box that is due for an update this November. Boxee has commented on the new Apple TV and defends its coming update and the roughly $100 more expensive price point.

Boxee reckons that people will want to be able to watch anything from their computers on the TV, and they are right for the most part. Perhaps the biggest thing that the Boxee Box has over the Apple TV in the minds of the makers and many consumers will be the open nature of the Boxee device.

Boxee will let you play whatever you want on its Box in 1080p resolution and it is an open device. We all know that anything Apple is far from open. In the end, Boxee reckons that there is room left for the updated Box in the market despite the fact that it will be $100 more expensive than the Apple TV. I think we will have to wait until November when the new Boxee Box launches to find out if that is true.