Boxee Box updates iPad app, adds Spotify worldwide access

D-Link's Boxee Box has gotten an update to version 1.2 today for its iPad app, adding new playback controls. The set-top box has also recently integrated Spotify and has now updated the service to allow Premium Spotify users to be able to access the service from anywhere in the world. The app was previously only accessible from certain countries.

The Boxee Box for iPad update now shows a new remote control at the lower right hand corner of your screen that lets you control videos you send to your Boxee Box from your iPad. The process of sending media files to your Boxee Box will also now resume where you left off for any files you played through the Boxee Media Manager.

Additionally, the Boxee Box service now has an option to select video quality when you stream files. This is helpful for those with bandwidth issues and provides more consistent streaming when you've got a weak WiFi connection.

[via Boxee]