Boxee Box official: debut on December7th

Boxee has long been the darling of the homebrew DVR crowd, turning the Apple TV into a far more capable – and less iTunes-centric – media system and brightening DIY HTPCs no end.  Now the company has announced its plans for an off-the-shelf Boxee Box, which will deliver the same sort of experience but without the need to build it youself.

Boxee won't yet reveal their hardware partner, but they do expect the upcoming set-top box to be merely the first of "several living room devices" to debut with the platform in 2010.  Hardware specifications and some device mock-ups won't be unveiled until December 7th, but we're guessing it'll be based around some sort of SoC with HD video playback, streaming support and both wired and wireless connectivity.

The possibility of a standalone Boxee device came up back in January, when the company asked for suggestions and feedback on what sort of hardware support users would want to see.  At the time they seemed to suggest that roughly $199 would get full Boxee support, while $299 would add in extra hardware for things like Blu ray playback.  However as yet pricing for the upcoming device is yet to be confirmed.