Box Accelerator boosts uploads with new global hubs

Cloud storage specialist Box has decided that it's not enough to simply have your backup in the ether, but instead it matters how quickly you can get it there. Box Accelerator, launched today, promises 10x faster upload speeds than before, thanks to new network infrastructure that spreads upload hubs across the globe. In fact, independent testing suggests, Box now comfortably outperforms Dropbox, Microsoft's SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

There are now network endpoints in Portland, at Box HQ in SF, in Chicago, New York, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney. According to Box, those closest to one of the new endpoints will see the best speeds, but everyone will benefit no matter where they are, and what time they're uploading.

Upload speeds make a big difference to a user's experience of a storage service, as they're one likely bottleneck for getting your data pushed out to the cloud. If the pipe is too narrow, it simply takes too long to upload; that can be a significant hindrance if you're doing offsite backup of your servers or other systems.

Box Accelerator is initially available to Box's enterprise and business customers, though we're hoping that regular users will also get a chance at the fatter pipe soon enough.