Bowers & Wilkins Liberty wireless music system

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008

From the makers of the CES Award winning Zeppelin iPod Dock boombox, Bowers and Wilkins are bringing you a new wireless surround sound system. What’s new here is that it outputs up to 8 channels wirelessly, a full 2 more than any other system I have ever heard of.

That means you’ll have 7.1 surround sound if you want it, and it will all be wireless. Well, it can’t be completely wireless as there is still the whole issue of getting power to the speakers and the receiver, but it can transfer the audio signals wirelessly.

That’s not even the most amazing part; the most amazing part is that it can automatically adjust for wireless interference so there is less delay and high clarity in the audio instead of an echo every time something interferes. I don’t have a price, but its coming sometime this fall, and I wouldn’t expect it to be too terribly cheap.

[via gizmodo]

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