Bourne Legacy behind the scenes unleash genetically modified action

This week the folks at Universal Pictures are offering up a closer look behind the scenes at The Bourne Legacy, the next chapter in the super-agent film series. A larger conspiracy has been uncovered in the newest installment of the Bourne timeline, a genetically enhanced agent by the name of Aaron Cross – played by Jeremy Renner – explains his excitement in joining the series as the cameras roll on this action-packed extravaganza. With a storyline that plays out alongside the third film and the Treadstone program, this movie keeps with the fast-paced explosion-loving idiom of the first three films while expanding upon the universe with a whole new chapter in the world of secret agent warfare.

The science of this film – inside the storyline, anyway – is in the modification of the body of the lead character, Aaron Cross. He is subject to both changes in muscle efficiency and pain suppression in the government's quest to create a perfect force of one-man armies to take out their enemies under heavy cover. Edward Norton plays a vital role in making sure these human experiments do not get out of control, his character Eric Byer subscribing to a "higher morality" as any classic "license to kill" official very well should.

You'll find de-railed train cars, grinding motorcycles, and lots and lots of gunshots in this film that'll certainly rely on your believing in the unbelievable in and out of quick-action shots for the entirety of the feature. Pay close attention to the clip near the end of the first video in the embedded player above to see Cross jump straight down quite a few stories off a building to snap the neck of a police officer to see what's meant by "you must simply believe."

This film will be in theaters on 8/10/2012 – pick up some early release tickets now or get in line, this is gonna be a big one!