Bossa Nova Prime-8 robot can outrun a fat child

Right now WowWee might be the name most associated with domestic "toy" robots, but rival Bossa Nova is looking to steal some of that market share.  The company has been demonstrating the Bossa Nova Prime-8, an ape-themed 'bot that they claim is the fastest bi-ped robot to date.  How fast?  Well, potentially faster than a small child.

"It can run as fast as a small child.  That makes it ideal for getting kids to exercise as they can race against it in the park" Prime-8's inventor

Two huge circular arms are used to get Prime-8 moving, and though Bossa Nova haven't released any specific speed details we'd imagine a very fast indoor rate if it can manage to chase kids on park grass.  As is usual with today's 'bots, Prime-8 can either be remote-controlled or, when you'd rather leave him to his own devices, there are autonomous routines and games.

An integrated motion sensor lets the robot act as a room guard, plus there are games such as Prime-8 pretending to be a bowling ball.  It's expected to cost around £100 ($143) when it launches in time for Christmas 2009.

[via Pocket-lint]