Bose launches two new on-ear headphones with OE2 and OE2i

Bose is a love it or hate it brand for a lot of audio fans. If you are a fan of the gear that the company offers, you might want to look at the new headphones that it has just debuted. The headphones include the OE2 and the OE2i offerings and both are on-ear styles. The only difference is that the OE2i are made for Apple hardware.

The OE2i version has an inline remote and mic that allow you to make and receive calls with the iPhone and control tracks on iPods. The OE2 headphones have a standard audio cable for connecting to any device. Both models use the Bose TriPort design for better sound. The ear cups are tuned to give the audio a balanced and natural sound.

The headphones are designed naturally for improves bass so there is no mechanical bass booster. The ear cushions are made from memory foam and conform to the user's ear for comfort. Neither of the earphones has noise cancellation tech inside. The OE2 sell for $149.95 and the OE2i sell for $179.95 and come in black or white colors.