Bose In-Ear Headphones for Under $100!

It's hard to believe that Bose would release such an inexpensive headset, the Bose In-Ear headphones. I was expecting around the price range of $149 to $199 given the QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones goes for $349 and the Bose on-ear headphones is priced at $179; very smart pricing, indeed. It's hard to say how good these headphones are compared to Shure and Ultimate Ears.

These bad boys feature Bose very own proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure, which the company claim to yield greater low-frequency output and should create more balanced lifelike sound. How comfortable are these soft silicone earbuds? It's hard to say. These removable silicone tips comes in S, M and L, which Bose swears that they'll remain comfortable and stable in your ears for hours.

Will I make the switch from my Etymotic ER 4 microPro earphones for the Bose In-Ear headphones? Most likely not, thanks but no thanks.

Bose Product Page [via FosFor Gadgets]