Bose car suspension system, and yes I mean the infamous audio equipment manufacturer

This invention proves two things, first, Dr. Amar Bose has the patience of a Buddhist monk. The second is that if you thought the furthest Bose delved into the automotive world was its audio systems, you were clearly mistaken.

27 years ago Dr. Bose started calculating how the optimal car suspension would work. Without examining the actual implementation aspects of it, like technology available at the time, the calculations were done in 5 years (monk?). 27 years after the start, and $100 mil later, Dr. Amar Bose's system is almost complete (Dalai Lama?).

Linear motors were apparently the key as they work fast enough without allowing the car's body to move. The system won't be available for another 2-3 years, and even then it will cost a small fortune, so I wouldn't expect to see it in anything short of luxury vehicles.

The car never moves in the video! Yeah sure, it moves a little, the system isn't perfect, but in comparison with a normal car, I couldn't see a thing. Oh yeah, at the end of the video, the car does a bunny hop! Like you used to do on your bike and thought you were cool for getting both wheels in the air at the same time, yeah they very same thing, no ramp, the car just jumps!

A smooth ride, by Bose [via coolest-gadgets]