Boring Company unveils Las Vegas Convention Center loop

One of the multiple successful companies that Elon Musk operates is the Boring Company. It's the company that wants to burrow underground to help alleviate congestion in busy cities and make commute times shorter. Boring Company has unveiled its Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) loop.

The LVCC loop is a three-station transport system with 1.7 miles of tunnel. The company built the loop in about a year at a cost of about $47 million. That cost was fixed firm pricing for two tunnels and three stations, including two surface and one subsurface station. One of the more impressive facts about the tunnel building is that it occurred during large pre-COVID conventions with more than 100,000 people in attendance with zero road closures and no disturbances to the attendees.

The LVCC loop will make future conventions with lots of attendees easier to attend and make it easier to get around the massive convention center and visit the different halls. LVCC loop connects the LVCC New Exhibit Hall with the existing campus, including the North, Central, and South Halls. Using the underground tunnel reduces a 45-minute walk to a commute of about two minutes.

Mike Akers recently shared footage of what it looks like to travel in the underground loop via Twitter. Akers noted in a follow-up tweet that he was able to ride in the tunnel system and that the cars travel faster than it appears in the shared video clip.

He says the vehicle he rode in around the loop traveled at about 35 mph. A longer version of the video, which can be seen above, was also shared on YouTube. It's unclear when the official opening of the tunnel system might be at this time.