Boring Company shoots Model X through a tunnel

The Boring Company's future vision is hardly boring but, at least for now, its tunnels are. Bored under LA ground, its tunnels are meant to transport not just people but also vehicles at high speeds and, more importantly, without or with less traffic jams. Not convinced its possible? The Boring Company just uploaded a short clip of a test "run" using a Tesla Model X, bringing Elon Musk's two companies closer together.

It's definitely no rocket launch, especially one with a car being controversially launched into outer space. It is, nonetheless, a milestone that the Boring tunnel could carry a not so boring car at slightly boring speeds. Definitely not hyper or sonic speeds but compared to non-moving traffic, that's still exponentially better.

The future will hardly be this boring though. You'll see lots and lots of cars being carried through tunnels this way to hopefully lighten the traffic above. That said, the speed of the actual travel through tunnels might pretty much be negated by how long it will take to set up each car safely on the platforms that will go through those tunnels.

Then again, that's actually for the distant future because the Boring Company is putting non-driving passengers first in line. Musk wants to prioritize pedestrians and commuters and carry them through the tunnels in hi-speed pods before giving private cars a whack at its tunnels.