Bored MIT student recreates Mario Kart in school hallways

This kid's parents must be so proud. Charles Guan was bright enough to be accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he's using his brainpower to create what he believes to be a pretty accurate replica of the crazy vehicles that Mario and his pals race around on in the classic Mario Kart franchise. He didn't put on a red suit and he doesn't have a mustache, but it's still a pretty fun experiment.

Guan calls himself an "electromechanical hobbyist" and says that Mario Kart had a big influence on him in his early days – apparently he was fascinated with the electromechanical properties of the miniature karts. We're not quite sure. But he never lost the passion for that game, so one night when the hallways of MIT were empty, he decided to take his contraption for a test drive.

Okay, we have to admit, it's pretty cool. You don't really think about it when you're playing the game, but those Mario Kart vehicles are insanely small and must be somewhat frightening to drive around at high speeds, especially with banana peels everywhere and red turtle shells coming at you from all directions. Sadly, that wasn't part of Guan's trial run either. But maybe some day it will be...