Borderlands movie scores Jack Black as voice of Claptrap

Claptrap, the yellow robot with a distinct attitude, will be voiced by Jack Black in the upcoming Borderlands movie from Lionsgate. The casting is arguably perfect given Claptrap's witty lines and overall funny role in the Borderlands series, with Lionsgate's Nathan Kahane calling the casting decision a 'no-brainer.'

The Lionsgate Borderlands movie will revolve around four people who travel to Pandora, a distant alien planet, in search of advanced technology. The movie has renowned horror movie creator Eli Roth as director, plus a notable cast including Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Hart.

The screenplay comes from writers Aaron Berg and Craig Mazin, with Ari and Avi Arad as producers alongside Erik Feig. It's unclear who else will be brought in to star in the movie, which is currently in pre-production.

It'll be a while before fans of the Borderland video series will get to see the feature film version of the dark universe in theaters. In a statement about Black's casting, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group president Nathan Kahane said:

We couldn't have been more in sync with our filmmakers and casting executives as we approached this role. It's one of the biggest no-brainer casting decisions we've ever made. Everyone who's ever played the game knows Jack is perfect for this part. We're thrilled he will add his endless comic energy and voice to our film – he'll bring so much to the movie.