Borderlands Dahl assault rifle, real-life edition

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 23, 2014
Borderlands Dahl assault rifle, real-life edition

We’ve seen video game weapons come to life before, but few are as beautiful as the replica of the Borderlands Dahl assault rifle. The weapon clone is the brainchild of Ikkalebob, and with it comes a bit of (non-lethal) functionality. Thanks to a write-up on Instructables, the DIYers among us can make their own.

If you do proceed with making your own, be warned: it’ll take quite a bit of investment, mostly in time. The creator says he spent about 300 hours and $200 on creating the Dahl replica. By avoiding his mistakes, says Ikkalebob, you should be able to pull it off in under 100 hours.

The replica was based on the game’s concept art design upon which the version you see in the game is based. By using this, says the creator, he had some “artistic freedom” to take the rifle far. To do it yourself, you’re going to need a fair bit of tools and materials.

Ikkalebob used thin plywood, flexible plastic sheeting, acrylic, sculpting putty, super glue, a bunch of salvaged nuts and bolts, and more. You’ll need a saw, dremel, clamps, an airbrush, and such. Hit up the Instructable for full instructions.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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