Borderlands 2 rank reset bug making the rounds

Borderlands 2 arrived last week, and most are saying that its better than the original. Early adopters are adventuring through Pandora, collecting guns and killing Bullywongs as you read this, but for some of those Vault Hunters, the adventure is not without headaches. No, we're not talking about Borderlands 2's increased difficulty, but rather about a bad rank reset bug that is affecting users on all platforms.

For the uninitiated, Borderlands 2 features a ranking system that is separate from the game's leveling system. Players have the ability to increase their "badass rank" by completing a series of challenges, and increasing your badass rank gives you coins to spend on improvements that apply to all of your characters. Users can improve a variety of stats, including reload speed, maximum health, and elemental effect chance (there are many, many more aside from those three), and the best part is that challenge completion doesn't carry over between characters, meaning that players could potentially get their badass rank ridiculously high by completing challenges with all four characters.

It's a really cool aspect of the game, but there's one problem: some users are reporting that their badass rank is being randomly reset, taking all of the unlocked stat bonuses with it. This wouldn't be much of a problem for someone who is planning to play a lot of Borderlands 2, but the completed challenges aren't being reset with the badass rank, meaning that players will have a really difficult time getting their badass rank up to where it was. To make matters worse, skins and items that have been unlocked with tokens have disappeared as well.

This problem is present on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game, and users have speculated on the Gearbox forums that it has something to do with save file corruption. Gearbox's Chris Faylor chimed in on the thread, saying that the studio is working on a fix and reassuring players that this seems to be a rare issue. Even if it is, it's still a major annoyance for those who are affected, so here's hoping that Gearbox gets a fix out the quickly. Have your badass ranks and unlocks in Borderlands 2 been reset, or are your save files still solid in that respect?

[via Kotaku]