Borat Supplemental Reportings special is coming to Amazon Prime

If you couldn't get enough of the Borat sequel Subsequent Moviefilm, Amazon has some good news: there's a Borat special in the pipeline and it's more than an hour long. This isn't a third movie, mind, but rather is a special with scenes that didn't make it in Subsequent Moviefilm. Amazon announced the news with a trailer.

The new special is called Borat: Supplemental Reportings Retrieved from the Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine, and it'll build upon the Subsequent Moviefilm that was released on Amazon Prime last year. The trailer shows familiar scenes from the movie, as well as entirely new footage that builds upon them.

Notably, Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) is seen giving interviews with his responses to certain shenanigans, quipping at the start of the trailer, "In many months since stolen election in America, we found out that thousands of valid votes were tragically counted." In another he says, "I'm looking out at this diverse crowd in every shade of white, all waving machine guns, I've never felt safer."

Of course, the scene references in that latter quote didn't pan out in reality, and the trailer includes a look at the actor breaking character and making a quick escape from the rally. We also get a look at the familiar babysitter scenes, plus new footage shot at a makeup bar.

The trailer reveals that Amazon will make the content available on its Prime streaming service (as it did with Subsequent Moviefilm, but it's unclear when Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine will premiere on the platform.