Boot Camp beta expiring

Ahh, sadly I still can't touch an Apple computer, hopefully some day soon, but for those that have one, and are using the Boot Camp beta to dual boot Windows on your Intel-based Mac, you might be interested to know that its about to expire. You will need to upgrade to 1.4 in order to keep things going.

All the versions 1.2 and earlier will have expired as of yesterday. The version 1.4 license will expire with the release of Mac OSX 10.5 aka Leopard.

There isn't a release date for 10.5 yet, but when it drops, you will have to upgrade to it in order to continue using Boot Camp. By then I assume that Boot Camp will be out of beta, I wonder if that will prompt a new wave of business related Mac purchases once Boot Camp is out of beta?

Boot Camp Beta Expires Soon [via PCWorld]