BooRu-BooRu Dolls Equipped With Speakers, FM Radio

No they are not invading with "Reset" and "Scan" I their eyes to glare us down. They are BooRu-BooRu dolls equipped with speakers, and auxiliary input jack, and an FM radio.

Their plushy-ness makes them reminiscent of the evil Teletubbies, but they remind me of so many different things from various video games. They have buttons all over, one in each antenna, one in each eye, and two in their bellies.

Facing the slightly scary dolls, the left antenna is power, the right is a switch between radio and AUX. The left eye is reset, the right is scan. The belly appears to be the volume controls. Not a bad idea, maybe just implemented on the wrong doll. For about $37 I guess you could make worse investments.

Strangest speakers ever? [via technabob]