Booq introduces new Boa laptop bags

Shane McGlaun - Oct 2, 2009
Booq introduces new Boa laptop bags

Laptop bags are an important part of your mobile productivity kit. Without a laptop bag you have to carry your computer by hand, which looks pretty silly honestly. A good laptop bag can also protect your sensitive gear from rain should you be caught outside and from spills.

Booq has announced a new line of laptop top cases for professionals and students called the Boa flow, nerve, and squeeze. The flow M/XL is a full feature laptop bag that has an interior optimized for laptop accessories, side pockets for your phone, and breathable back padding. The bag isn’t cheap at $199.95. The Boa nerve S/L is a large messenger bag that has a removable laptop sleeve and is priced at $129.95 or $149.95.

The nerve S/L also has a durable, water resistant rubberized bottom and a large front pocket with a built in organizer. The Boa squeeze is an everyday backpack priced at $99.99 with a basic design for protecting a laptop. The back of the bag has airmesh padding for comfort and the lining is soft to prevent scratches.

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