Booq Boa folio case for iPad reminds me of grade school

Each school year when I was little, I had to have a new notebook and the one I always wanted was the Trapper Keeper. I don't know why, in the 80's it was just the cool thing to have. Booq has unveiled a new iPad case called the folio that reminds me of that Trapper Keeper.

The folio is a cool case and comes in a Nappa leather version in gray or a sand/turquoise color for about $90 or a ballistic nylon in black/red, berry, or slate colors for $50. No matter the color or material, you choose, the case has the same features. It can carry the iPad and is slim enough to fit in a backpack or purse. It has a three-position design that lets the iPad sit up at different angles for watching video, typing and surfing the web.

The folio has a pocket specifically for the iPhone on the front and has a molded bumper to protect the iPad from damage. The device is shipping right now and is one of the cooler cases for the iPad I have seen.