Boom Bench Bluetooth-enabled speakerseating

If you live in constant fear of coming across a gang of youths listening to tinny music from their cellphones and staring moodily at passers-by, good news!  Now they'll be able to play their music with far more bass and mid-range, courtesy of German designer Michael Schoner of NL Architects.  His Boom Bench connects via Bluetooth A2DP and is positively riddled with speakers and subwoofers.

60W co-axial speakers share bench-space with two subwoofers.  There's also a bass shaker built into the seat to provoke the half-overwhelmed, half-ecstatic expression on the woman in the gallery below. 

Honestly, this seems an awful idea for most cities where dissuading disgruntled youth from congregating has become top priority.  Still, if you could build in some sort of seniority-override function, perhaps passing elderly people with cellphone collections of old band-hall music could dissipate them.

[via Born Rich]