Bookeen Cybook E-Book Reader

It uses E-Ink so you only get whatever you are reading in black and white, but it will save you a lot of battery, in fact you can view up to 8k pages on a single charge. There is an SD card slot to store your library on too.

You can also use this E-Book reader to play MP3's and display pictures, as long as they are black and white. There is also an RSS reader function built in.

Sure, you can read RSS feeds on the device, but there isn't any wireless connectivity so good luck getting them on the device to read, unless you pre-load them, and that's just kind of dumb because you can't click through the links and find out more when you want to. Oh well, E-Boo readers have a long way to go in terms of either expanding features or shrinking price, one of the two has to budge if they want to sell more than a few units. Another good idea would be for some company to start offering all of their college level books in e-book format, in fact if all the companies started doing that I am sure e-book readers would sell like crazy, god knows I'd love to shrink the contents of my backpack down from 6 books to 1 device.

Could the Cybook be the E-Book Reader's Ticket? [via UberReview]