Boldr watches melds analog style with smart wearable tech inside

A new watch is on Kickstarter that at a glance doesn't look like a smart wearable that many of the Kickstarter projects we see today are. On the outside, the Boldr watch looks like an analog aviator style watch with a decidedly analog look that crams wearable tech inside to give users some smartwatch functions they might want.

The Boldr Voyage pairs to a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and uses a Miyota 20205 movement inside. A Boldr smart module powers the smart features of the watch and all the hardware is stuffed inside a 43mm case with solder-on lugs. The leather strap is a 22mm unit with quick release tabs.

The watch can show two time zones with a flashing LED that represents the second time zone. Other features include an integrated pedometer and notifications. Power for the smart module comes from an integrated CR2032 battery that can power the watch for up to six months, no charging needed. The watch movement has a separate battery good for three years.

The watch provides notifications with call alerts, message, and app notifications. A find my phone feature is integrated. The project was seeking $22,586 and has raised over $88,000 so far with 21 days to go. A pledge of $179 or more will get you a Boldr watch with shipping estimated for April 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter