Boeing says airlines will need 33,500 new commercial aircraft by 2030

When it comes to commercial aircraft, one of the top manufacturers is Boeing. According to the aviation giant, the commercial aircraft industry will boom between now and 2030. Boeing estimates that globally airlines will need 32,500 new aircraft. Many of those aircraft will be needed by Asia-Pacific carriers where 11,450 are estimated to be needed.

The cost of those 33,500 new aircraft is estimated to be $4 trillion. Carriers in Asia-Pacific region alone will gobble up 35% of the estimated need with the new aircraft expected to be worth $1.5 trillion. Boeing splits out the estimated 33,500 aircraft expecting that 60% of the new planes will be needed for expanding fleets, while the remainder will be needed to replace aircraft that are getting too old.

An estimated 80% of the new aircraft in Asia-Pacific fleets will be needed for expansion. Boeing is planning to serve these new and growing markets in all aircraft ranges from single isle to very large aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner. Boeing is also considering a larger aircraft able to carry more passengers than the Dreamliner called the 787-10X, able to carry 320 passengers.

[via AFP]