Boeing Aircraft overhead bins will hold 50% more bag

So you're about to take a trip on an airplane and you don't want to have to pay to stash your bag below – lucky you. Boeing is making an effort to create larger "Space Bins" that'll hold one whole heck of a lot more bag than ever before. This update will be rolling out to whichever airline decides to install first – and they're available for retrofitting as well. Not just brand new 737's will have these bins – old ones will as well.

According to Boeing, these new Space Bins will hold six standard sized bags – that's 2 more than the bins currently installed on most standard-sized cross-country aircraft. These bins will work on the 737-900ER or 737 MAX 9 planes of the future and the current airline with 194 bags instead of 132 – that's a whole lot more when you add it all up.

"Space Bins were created to add value for our airline customers," said Steve Pickard, Boeing Commercial Airplanes interiors engineer.

"But being able to see the ultimate customer, our Boeing airplane passengers, get excited about something my team helped build is truly gratifying."

Airlines that'll be working with these bins first are Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines. We'll see them added to planes within the year.

VIA: Boeing