Boeing A160T Hummingbird Being Outfitted For Special Ops

James Allan Brady - Aug 16, 2007

The Hummingbird is pretty stealthy for a helicopter and can probably last as long as a special forces team member. So the U.S. Special Operations Command is considering putting it to work.

What would such a small, yet precise unmanned helicopter do? Well other than direct action (a.k.a. blow stuff up) it could be used for precision resupply or extractions on the wrong side of the line.

This particular helicopter can automatically adjust rotor RPMs to make up for varying altitudes, weight, and cruise speeds. If the goal is higher, farther, faster, better this thing can do it at 140 knots, carry a half ton payload for 20 hours at a time, and fly as high as 30k feet.

Boeing upgrades robo-copter for special ops [via Crave]

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