BodyTrace scale uses GSM tech to upload weight online

When it comes to losing weight, many folks like to stand on the scale and use the readings to track their weight loss goals. Normal scales mean you have to write down your weight and track it manually. A new breed of scales like the Withings scale tracks your weight automatically and can even Tweet your weight if you want.

That cool Withings scale isn't the only scale that can track and upload your data automatically with the introduction of the BodyTrace scale. The Withings scale uses WiFi, but the BodyTrace uses GSM technology and doesn't need any software or hardware on the user end to operate.

That means if there is no WiFi network or if the WiFi network isn't available the BodyTrace can still do its thing. The scale sends weights to the BodyTrace website where you can track weight lost and progress towards goals. The scale can be purchased for right under $10. The catch is that there is a $9.99 monthly fee and a year contract for that plan. The much better option is to buy the scale for $59.99, which avoids both the contract and the monthly fee.