Bodygard Self-Powered Emergency Tool – Your own personal bodyguard

Christina Crouch - Dec 4, 2007

If you’re the type outdoors type of person then you’re sure to have many tools and kits handy no matter what may occur on your outings. You know you have to be prepared and that’s what sets you aside from ‘city folk’. This item may be something for you.

The Bodygard (why did they spell it like that?) is a 12 in 1 unit featuring all your emergency outdoor needs. It has a built in hand crank to generate its own power that you can harness for whatever you may need: flashlight, cell phone, mp3 player. There is a panic button, motion activated security alarm and flashing red light to assist your protection. You get a compass and a signal mirror for helping you find your way if you’re lost, or to help others find you and there’s also a small compartment perfect for medicines, matches, or what-have-you.

You’ll also have a FM radio with easy to read LED display and automatic scan function for listening to emergency broadcasts. The Bodygard is available for $22 from ThinkGeek and is a great item to have in hand when you’re trying to survive the outside world.

BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool [via ThinkGeek]

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