Boba Fett Christmas Ornament And Other Geeky Decorations

If Jabba the Hutt celebrated Christmas the celebration would probably include a bikini-clad princess dancing around, lots of frogs in jars to eat, and a bounty hunter delivering a carbonite encased Han Solo as a gift. This really cool Christmas ornament has surfaced at Oddee and it rocks.

The Boba Fett ornament is part of a collection of 20 geeky holiday decorations. I also really like the Star Trek centerpiece that shows Spock unboxing some Tribbles and Kirk getting a new yellow shirt. The Darth Vader nutcracker is also really funny and reminds me of Space Balls.

I could also get onboard with the Star Trek Stockings; though I suspect that red stocking will burst into flames at any moment since red shirts always die. If these decorations don't tell Santa you are a geek, nothing will.

Via Neatorama