B&N Nook 7 charger officially recalled: here's how to get a replacement

Last month, reports surfaced from alleged Barnes & Noble employees who claimed they had been instructed to pull the new 7-inch Nook ereader off shelves. The issue was said to involve faulty chargers included with the tablets, but employees weren't instructed to inform customers, and there wasn't any public recall at the time. That has changed, with Barnes & Noble officially announcing a recall program to get users new chargers.

Barnes & Noble issued a recall notice earlier today, saying it concerns the NOOK Tablet 7, the company's newly launched competitor to Amazon's cheapest Kindle slate. As we previously heard, the issue revolves around the tablet charger, of which the casing is prone to break when pulled from an outlet.

If that happens, the metal prongs will be left exposed, and users may get shocked if they touch them. As such, customers are advised to immediately stop using the charger adapters, and to instead charge via a USB cable in a computer or by using a different compatible charge adapter.

If you're affected by this recall, you can get your own replacement charge adapter by registering online here; those who register will also get a $5 gift card. You'll be prompted to print a prepaid UPS shipping label to return your recall adapter, after which point a replacement will be mailed out.

SOURCE: PRNewswire