BMW to support iOS 4 iPod out

Shane McGlaun - Jul 13, 2010
BMW to support iOS 4 iPod out

With the iPhone and the iPod being some of the most popular devices on the market when it comes to music and smartphones many cars are now starting to offer accessories specifically for connecting them in the car. Ford’s Sync system supports the iPhone and iPod via USB and Bluetooth streaming for instance.

BMW is taking support for the iPod and iPhone running iOS 4 to a new level. The carmaker has announced that it will support iPod out feature of the new iOS 4. This feature will allow the screens and menus of the iPhone or iPod to be shown on the cars display screen.

Support for the feature is not surprising; this feature means that BMW can simply use the Apple interfaces instead of trying to make its own. The use of Apple menus will also mean that the driver and passenger will already know how to use them rather than having to learn a new menu system.

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