BMW Mini recall hits 235,000 vehicles

All the way over in Frankfurt there's been an announcement that BMW has recalled some 235,000 vehicles in their Mini brand across the world, citing an electric water pump malfunction as the reason why. What happens with this water pumps is that when it's supposed to be cooling the turbo charger, it can malfunction and cause the connected electronic circuit board to overheat. This malfunction can then cause the circuit board to smolder or outright catch fire. Mini drivers that this recall might affect should expect communication starting next month.

This recall affects Mini and Mini Cooper vehicles, and those of you that wish to find out more instead of waiting on a call from your friendly BMW dealer should contact BMW directly though their customer relations line here in the USA at 1-800-831-1117 or email Those outside the USA should contact the dealers they purchased their vehicles from.

A spokesperson from BMW has noted that there haven't been any accidents this far as result of reported malfunctions, so don't fear, but DO NOT think that it's not possible for you. They haven't been extremely specific on which models are affected yet, no years or anything like that, so just on a safe side: assume it's you. If you are affected, BMW will notify you (if you've not already contacted them) and your local dealer will replace the water pump free of charge.

[via Detroit News]