BMW M5 crashes at 186 mph and no one dies

Automakers all around the world put a lot of time and effort into the safety of their vehicles today. Many cars have multiple airbags and crumple zones designed to protect the driver and occupants in the event of an accident. You never really know how well the safety features are going to protect someone until the car gets into an accident. It appears BMW did an excellent job with the safety features of its 2012 M5.

A German man was rocketing down the autobahn earlier this week with the pedal down in his 560hp 2012 M5 when the worst thing that could happen at those speeds happened. Another motorist merged from a freeway in front of the BMW causing the driver to lose control. According to the man's two sons, who were following him in other vehicles, the speeding M5 bounced back and forth between guardrails on the Highway and ultimately rolled several times over about 320 feet of roadway.

The car then began smoking from under the hood. Luckily, for the driver and passenger, the man's sons were able to spray under hood area with a fire extinguisher and extract the driver and passengers as well as a dog from the vehicle. Amazingly, no one died in the accident. The accident was so bad that the section of autobahn was shut down for several hours for cleanup. The driver and the passenger in the vehicle were seriously injured and are in the hospital but are apparently expected to make it. It's also worth noting that the section of the autobahn the accident happened on is one of the infamously unrestricted speed stretches.

[via Jalopnik]