BMW ConnectedDrive Dynamic Parking Prediction helps you find a parking spot

BMW is working on a unique addition to its connected navigation systems. If you live in a large city or have visited one, you can probably relate to the hassle that is driving around to try to find a spot to park on the street. In crowded and busy cities finding that spot can be a big challenge. BMW has announced an interesting new addition to its ConnectedDrive system called Dynamic Parking Prediction.

That new service will be presented as a research prototype application at the TU-Automotive Detroit connected car fair. BMW worked with partner INRIX to develop the system. Many navigation systems can already alary drivers of traffic and congestion.

The new system uses that same data to predict where parking spaces might be available. To test the system BMW used a fleet of INRIX test vehicles and found that the local prediction algorithm and parking data from the fleet used in testing the system was able to predict where open parking spaces might be located.

There is no indication from BWM or its partner on when this system might find its way into production vehicles. BMW says that not only will this system help drivers find parking spaces, it will also help reduce parking related congestion on city streets, benefiting all drivers.