BMW C Evolution "green" scooter slated for 2014 launch

BMW has announced its upcoming C Evolution scooter's launch plans, with the electric motor bike getting its debut next month in Europe. The C Evolution concept has been shown off in the past, going as far back as summer of 2012, but this marks its actual production kick off. Though there's no mention of it coming to other markets, it is suggested the scooter may find itself in other markets at a later date.

The C Evolution is being made under BMW's Motorrad label, and features a design that firmly toes the line between scooter and some modern sports bikes, giving it less of a Vespa flavor and more of racing feel, though still containing elements common to both BMW and scooters in general. There's light gray panels shrouding a light green accent panel, as well as a tinted windshield and dark seating.

The C Evolution is all-electric, and utilizes a liquid cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor with ring gearing and a toothed belt. The top speed is 75MPH, with BMW electronically limiting it at that speed, meaning it is capable of highway use — the output ranges from 11kW to 35kW, equal to between 15 horsepower and 47 horsepower, respectively.

The power comes by way of an 8kWh lithium ion battery offering a range of up to about 62 miles, after which point it will need to be charged. Owners can charge the scooter via a standard 220v / 12amp outlet, with charging time pegged at about 4 hours. Not surprisingly, BMW is also utilizing energy regeneration to help keep power levels up, with the regeneration happening both during braking and during coasting.

As far as particulars go, the C Evolution has four driving modes to allow for different performance levels in different environments, as well as rear wheel torque limiting for safety, a TFT display, and LED headlamps. The integrated system works in conjunction with the display to show system information, including charge level, power usage, and other relevant data on the bike.